• Monday June 17,2024
  • 15:39:53
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    Indonesia exported 44.24 Mt of coal in May, up 6.58% YoY and 4.45% MoM, Kpler's cargo tracking data showed.

  • 11:47:11
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    China's power generation of all sources totaled 717.9 TWh in May this year, a 2.3% rise YoY, showed data from the NBS on Jun 17. The y-o-y growth shrank by 0.8 pp compared with that of Apr 2024.

  • 11:12:33
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    China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. saw its total polyolefin sales fall to 18 Kt in May 2024, slumping 71% YoY and 50.3% MoM, said the company on Jun 17.

  • 11:07:45
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    China produced 383.85 Mt of raw coal in May 2024, down 0.8% YoY yet up 3.28% MoM. The daily output averaged 12.38 Mt during the mth, down 8 Kt MoM, according to the latest data released by the NBS on Jun 17.

  • 09:34:42
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    China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. produced 27.40 Mt of commercial coal in May, rising 1.9% YoY but down 0.4% MoM, said the company in a statement released on Jun 17. The company's commercial coal sales reached 36.40 Mt in May.

  • Friday June 14,2024
  • 17:19:32
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    Inventory of five major steel products in China's 21 cities was down 0.8% from late May to 10.53 Mt, which was 6.5% higher YoY, according to data from the China Iron and Steel Association.

  • 16:00:03
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    Zhejiang Energy Group said recently it had imported coal through Kemen port in Fujian prov. for the first time, following the arrival of 130 Kt of high-quality Australian thermal coal at the port. In May, the company's import coal exceeded 1.8 Mt for the first time, reaching 1.838 Mt.

  • 15:38:37
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    The US Department of State continued to designate entities involved in Russia's mining industry, including Koulstar group and the Elga Coal Complex, two networks of companies licensed to mine some of Russia's largest met coal deposits, according to an official announcement issued on Jun 12.

  • 09:25:20
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    Brazil exported 32.84 Mt of iron ore in May, up 10.8% MoM but down 6.3% YoY, according to the foreign trade department Secex. The export value amounted to $2.45 bln, down 16.6% YoY, with the average export price down 11% to $74.51/t.

  • 08:55:58
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    Inventory of five major steel products in China's 21 cities moved lower in late May (May 21-31), down 4.7% from mid-May to 10.61 Mt, marking the eight consecutive sessions' decline, according to data from the CISA.

  • Thursday June 13,2024
  • 14:32:31
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    The value of coal exports of Indonesian East Kalimantan in Q1 this year reduced by 24.24% YoY, but was still better than a 34.53% fall in the previous quarter, according to Budi Widihartanto, head of the East Kalimantan Bank Indonesia Representative Office.

  • 11:25:30
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    Newcastle port exported 11.77 Mt of coal in May, a 0.43% uptick YoY and rising 3.64% MoM, Port of Newcastle data showed.

  • 10:25:43
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    The Baltic dry bulk freight index inched up 0.3% DoD to 1,836 points on Jun 12, as gains in the Panamax vessel segment countered declines in the larger Capesize segment. The Panamax freight index rose 3.2% to 1,864 points, the highest since May 15, while the Capesize index fell 2.1% to 2,726 points, its lowest level since May 29. The Supramax index hit its highest level since May 28.

  • 10:07:05
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    China's Ceke border crossing saw a total 10.0 Mt of commodities clear customs as of Jun 11, and the value of import and export amounted to 6.25 bln yuan ($862 mln), according to the official Wechat account.

  • Wednesday June 12,2024
  • 17:02:13
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    China's independent coke firms churned out 28.40 Mt of the steelmaking material in Apr 2024, falling 6.7% YoY, while coke output from steel firms' captive coking plants reached 10.09 Mt, down 7.5% YoY, according to data released by the China Coking Industry Association.

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